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Have you ever been accused of being ‘so selfish’?

If so, how did you respond? How did you feel?

My response is always the same: ‘Of course I am, if I wasn’t I would be totally burnt out within a week because I wouldn’t have eaten, slept, washed, tidied my room, paid my bills, done my laundry, taken any exercise and so on…. so I think you mean that you think my balance of selfish/selfless is out?’

This usually stops someone in their angry tracks and makes them consider what they are saying. Hurling the ‘you’re so selfish’ line at someone in an argument is really quite nonsensical when you consider it. We are all selfish and have to be in order to survive.

For sure, the balance of selfish/selfless is a very important subject and if we don’t get it right, we can end up with 0 friends or totally burnt out! So let’s have a discussion about the balance of selfish / selfless as this is likely to be a much more constructive conversation.

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