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5000 Hours in therapy

The ultimate guide to good mental health

The devastating impact of chronic anxiety and depression can be crippling, but this revolutionary technique offers a new way for sufferers to deal with intense emotions.

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Anyone who has experienced a panic attack knows the helpless feeling of being drowned in adrenaline, choking on air that was easy to breathe minutes earlier, and being unable to focus on conversations or basic, everyday tasks.

Designed as a one-stop-shop for anxiety and depression management, this book is organised into ‘hot topics’, allowing readers to jump straight to the negative feelings, situations or emotions they find themselves dealing with.

From ‘Managers from hell’, to suicidal thoughts, health anxiety, loneliness, confidence and more, 5000 Hours In Therapy offers step-by-step strategies for meaningfully resolving negative emotions while understanding their origins.

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“Kelvin’s straight talking never fails to enlighten with his simple questioning method that cuts through all the crap and gets to the root of the issue”

Sarah / Amazon customer


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5000 Hours In Therapy will teach you:

  • The revolutionary ‘Hands Up’ technique to manage intense emotions discreetly and effectively.
  • The difference between emotions and thoughts, and why this matters.
  • Step-by-step questioning strategies to employ when negative thoughts and feelings arise.
  • How to deal with addictions, OCD, panic, uncertainty, pain and sickness and take control of your life.
  • And MORE!

Kelvin Snaith is an experienced psychotherapist and the creator of the ‘Hands Up Therapy’ approach, which has helped countless patients break free of their anxiety and depression. Passionate about treating mental health holistically, Snaith offers a fresh, open-minded approach to self-help that is sure to provide life-changing support and encouragement.