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More peace for you and the world

The Hands Up Therapy app teaches us how to stop avoiding emotions and deal with them in a healthy way, allowing us to achieve more peace and good mental health in the long term.

Managing anxiety self-help app
Causes of depression self-help app

Hands Up Therapy app will help you to:

– Diffuse strong emotions and the associated physical symptoms allowing you to feel more peace/relaxed.

– Be more aware of what you are feeling and the associations between your emotions and physical symptoms.

– Achieve a ‘successful present moment’ or ‘non-judgmental’ approach to your feelings.

– Be more aware of the thoughts associated with your emotions.

– Consider and integrate new thoughts which can stop emotions re-firing and therefore create a more lasting feeling of peace/relaxed.

– Consider actions you could take to help you live the life you want to live.

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Self-help anger management

People who use Hands Up Therapy regularly report:

-More peace / relaxed feeling

-Reduction of depression and anxiety feelings

-Reduction or ending of addictions

-Reduction or ending of self-harm / violence

-Less anger

-Less panic

-Better sleep

-More energy

-Improved relationships

-Improved mental clarity / focus

-More confidence and acceptance of body image

-Reduction and/or more acceptance of pain

-Stronger immune system and less physical illness

-A life and behaviour more in line with values


Causes of depression self-help app
Managing anxiety self-help app