Frequently asked Questions

Why was Hands Up Therapy app created?


Who is it for?

Hands Up Therapy app is for anyone interested in good mental and physical health in the long term. It is for anyone interested in a more peaceful existence. It is particularly important for people experiencing strong or enduring emotions of sadness, anxiety, anger, shame, guilt or panic.

Can anybody do it?


Yes if you can follow basic instructions!

If you are unable to sit or put your hands up due to physical disabilities then slight adjustments will need to be made.  If you are unable to sit, you can lie down when doing this exercise, just make sure you are fully awake as this exercise requires your full attention. If you are unable to put your hands up in the air, you can rest your hands on your thighs in a surrender fashion – palms pointing up.


If you are out and about in public or around people it may not be appropriate to put your hands up in a surrender fashion as this could cause unnecessary attention and/or people to think that you have gone mad! It is therefore recommended that you practice this exercise in private to start with and use the more discreet method of putting your hands on your thighs in a surrender fashion as suggested above for people with physical disabilities when out in public or around people.


I look forward to hearing your creative ways of adapting this exercise for people with physical disabilities or when out and about.

How Much does it Cost?

The app is free! For those who don’t like any ads in apps, there is an ad-free version of the app available on the Apple app store which costs just £0.99.  In the Apple app store, the free version is called ‘Hands Up Therapy Lite’ and the ad-free version is called ‘Hands Up Therapy’. 

I’m trying to relax but Hands Up Therapy doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe it is not for me?


‘Trying to relax’ is definitely not what Hands Up Therapy is about. In fact, it is the opposite! If you are ‘not relaxed’ or ‘tense’ then the aim is to put your hands up to the ‘not relaxed’ or ‘tense’ feeling and ‘let it burn’. If you ever find yourself ‘trying to relax’ or ‘hurrying along’ your feelings when doing Hands Up Therapy then you are not doing 100% Hands Up and have defaulted back into avoidance/distraction/trying to control or manipulate your feelings in some way.


Be gentle on yourself, we are so conditioned to avoid our feelings that it is likely to take some practice to put your hands up 100% to ‘not relaxed’ or ‘tense’ feeling. Remember, anything is possible with practice and the right knowledge 🙂

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